WEAB Election 2011-2012
WEAB election 2011-2012 was held on 26 December 2010. In the Election The Executive Comittee was elected.
WEAB executive Member Sufia Pashari Parul arranged a cultural event at the Sufia Kamal Auditorium
21th February 2010: WEAB executive Member Sufia Pashari Parul arranged a cultural event at the Sufia Kamal Auditorium at the Bangladesh National Museum Shahid Hannan-Mannan Sriti
WEAB President Mrs. Rehana Rahman and executive member Sultana Azad were awarded at this ceremony. The Chief Guest was Nasreen Awal Mintoo.
Women Entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh (WEAB) demands Realistic National Budget (2012-2013)
On June 19, 2012, the women entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh (WEAB) held a meeting to discuss on National Budget (2012-13) in Kawran Bazar (Dhaka). This meeting was presided over by the President of WEAB, Mrs. Nasreen Awal Mintoo who reviewed the National Budget (2012-2013) presented in the national Parliament. She has praised the Honorable Finance Minister for allocation of Tk. 100 crore to women entrepreneur and homeless women but demanded of equitable distribution of funds for the Welfare of Women Communities irrespective of their classes. According to WEAB, most of the Women Entrepreneur at the grass root fails to comply with the traditional rules and regulations of Ministry of Commerce, and facing access problems either to business Chambers or Association.

WEAB Members

Name Designation Organization Products/Line of Business Photo
Mrs Taifiqur Nessa (Lucky) General Member Shilpa Shoilee, Fashion Boutique & Handicrafts
Mrs Farhana Sharmin General Member Nutunathta Fashion House Boutique & Handicrafts
Mrs. Zakia Sultana General Member Anannya Handicrafts Boutique & Handicrafts
Mrs Nima Rahman General Member Kotha o Icahini Ltd Bookshop
Mrs. MariumKabir General Member Apshara Butique & Gift item Boutique & Handicrafts
Mrs Zinat Islam (RUPA) General Member Minux Beauty Parlaur & Ladies Shop Beauty Parlaur & Ladies Shop
Rumana Yasmin General Member Thistle Boutique & Handicrafts
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